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About Us:
EC Travel is your portal for free information about Ecuador. We intend for you to make the most of our country providing you with the information you need to have a great experience, and to assist you as your tour operator. Everything in our web page is downloadable for your convenience. EC TRAVEL is created from the idea that Ecuador is a touristic country, where people come to as a place for recreation, business or life. They deserve the best infrastructure, services and personnel to make their stay something to remember forever. We believe that Ecuador belongs to everyone and is for everyone. Far beyond exploiting its natural resources and its people, EC TRAVEL is committed to operate within sustainable tourism conditions and regulations. The development of the local inhabitants, environmental protection and the conscious use of our attractive locations are the main pillars in which our company is founded. Like so, we strongly believe that knowing and getting involved with new cultures, new places and reaching higher goals supports the citizen’s development. As an agency, our commitment is to provide the best job opportunities within our own country, as well as finding new ways to keep developing the communities in which we operate, as best we can. The Go easy. Go travel philosophy, states our commitment to one thing: Travelling should be made easy. We hope that your stay in our country is pleasurable and exciting; we take care of each and every part of your tour so you will never have to worry about anything else rather than having a good time. As a company, far beyond achieving economic goals, we value the friendship and trust from our customers as our main asset. All our products and services are intended to provide you with the most personal attention possible, which is why we have travelled beforehand to each and every single tour we offer you , to ensure that what we tell you is what we ourselves have experienced and discovered in our trips.

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Adventure TravelAll Inclusive
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BoatingBudget Travel
Business TravelCamping
Car RentalsClimbing
Cooking/CulinaryCouples Only
CustomizedDestination Weddings
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Why EC Travel?
Ecuador can be enjoyed in so many different ways that you will never find yourself without a place to explore or activities that keep you occupied. Yet, we at EC Travel realize that there is so much more to be enjoyed. Not only the landscapes, but nature itself, not only the festivities, but the people, not the handicrafts, but the artisan.

As we travelled around Ecuador, we realized that there was so much more to be explored, discovered and experienced. We found the essence of our country through travelling, we shared with other cultures, admired nature and learned how to preserve it for our future generations, learned about our cultural heritage and grew deeply involved with communities while doing so.

During our trips we found the most outstanding lodging sites, from hostels to hotels, from little eco-lodges, to luxury haciendas. We found it amazing that some of the best spots to stay, eat, travel or even party are sometimes hidden from tourists due to the lack of information available. We want to save you time and resources, by recommending what, trip by trip, we continue to unfold as some of the best places we unravel.

This is why we created EC Travel, because we want to share our experience with you. From our website, to our office or even with a phone call or an e-mail, our goal is to provide you with real, updated information. As fellow travelers, we can help you by sharing our experiences, which at the end is what Ectravel is all about: sharing.

So why travel with us? Here are a couple of things we love to do, and we know you do or will as well!!

We love to travel. On every tour we send a tour leader straight from our offices. To insure everything on your whole trip is taken care off. You know…making it easy.

We love to have fun. That's why we created the EC STRAP program, the first one of its kind. Where you can get access to incredible benefits and savings on the hottest spots in town.

We love to save money. Aside from the EC STRAP program, we look for the best ways to make your trip worth it. No matter how, or where, we arrange everything to match your budget. Whether you are backpacking or looking for luxury, we always take care of your pocket.

We love to discover. Every tour we offer, we've been there before. Exploring and learning everything beforehand on our recognition trips. It is our way to ensure, that what we offer is 100% what we sell.

We love Ecuador. Working every day with communities, families and people from this country, we try to give our little contribution to help Ecuador and its people into sustainable tourism and environmental consciousness.
 Rafael Espinoza
General Manager
(Spanish, English, Moderate Japanese)
A little about myself here. I was born January 30, 1983. In the humble and traditional neighbourhood of San Juan in Quito, Ecuador. First son of a Guayaquilean father and a Korean mother (long story), I have a younger sister that lives in Argentina and a younger brother that lives in El Salvador.

As I struggled through different careers from Computer Engineering, to Management and then finally Marketing, I graduated in 2007 from USFQ with a B.A. in the last one. From that to tourism…well it’s all a matter of appreciation!

I was fortunate enough to travel a bit, and finally in 2004 I went for a year abroad at Kansai Gaidai University in Osaka, Japan. Travelled as a backpacker through Southeast Asia, and suddenly in the midst of all the wonders of that ancestral continent I found myself lost with the fact that at that point I knew more cities around the world that in my own country.

So, as soon as I arrived back I started to work as a Marketing Manager in a bedding factory, you know, sitting in a desk 8 hours a day…while there was a beautiful country waiting to be explored outside my window. So eventually, we started to save some money and go travelling to the uncommon destinations that we as Ecuadorians rarely explore. (Usually on holidays, we “quiteños” go to the beaches on Esmeraldas everytime.)

What we found was staggering, beautiful waterfalls, awesome beaches, amazing people…And to think that all of that was no further than 4-8 hours away!!! Eventually, we started meeting some foreigners along the road, and while talking to them we realized that there was all this misinformation about Ecuador, and that there are so many things left unexplored because no one told them and the travel guides made little or no comment about them! That was it for us, as Ecuadorians we have a duty to help foreigners and locals to discover our beautiful country in the best way possible, the friendly way!

As for now, I work full time here. And on the side I’m a PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor, and I would love to show you  not only to the beaches, the mountains, the jungle or the rainforest…but also to the beautiful underwater world that our seas hold.

See you soon in Ecuador!

 Luis Marín
(Spanish, English)
I was born on the 22th of June 1985, I studied Cultura and Touristic Managemen in the Universidad de los Hemisferios. How I got here started since I was very small, my parents had a vocation for travelling, every vacation we had we just spend on the road, and ever since then they passed on their passion to me.

As time went by and I grew up I was always the one instigating my friends to travel with me on our free time. Most of the times, with just a few dollars and no plan at all, we somehow managed to have some incredible times throughout our country. Thousands of anecdotes and stories happened in these trips, and this is what we want to share with you and help you to experience it by yourselves. Little by little I travelled throughout the country and realized how beautiful a place this is, how easy it is to get to new places and make friends all around, which I think is the beauty of travelling, what makes us more humane and makes us remember about taking care of this precious heritage by making tourism a responsible activity.

I had a year abroad in Argentina, I guess it is true that once you leave something behind is when you finally understand the true value within. Ecuador is my country and as soon as I came back I started to live it fully.

I decided to become part of Ectravel, because I am proud to be an Ecuadorian, and I want to share to the world all the richness this country holds. We hope we can be your best host while travelling here, and like so, let us help you in any way that can help you make your stay easier.

We operate in Ecuador 4 region´s: Costa, Sierra, and Jungle Island.

Among our most important destinations are Galapagos, Quito, Otavalo, Yasuni National Park, Puerto Lopez, Isla de la Plata, Cuenca, Vilcabamba.

We are known for offering tailor-made packages and also pre arranged tours. We have some alternatives within our packages, adventure travel, bird watching, gastronomic tourism, private tours, gay and lesbian especial packages, cultural tourism, diving tours and courses, programs for backpackers and luxury tours. Also we offer special deals for groups and families.

These tours were built to provide you with the best experience while enjoying Ecuador, by taking you the best known and unknown treasures. If you want first hand information you can check our web site  for the best information around.

If what you are looking for is not here, please contact us and we will make every arrangement you need , from information, accommodation, activities or transportation.  Group travelers welcome!

 We provide the following travel planning and services
    1. Leisure and Vacation Travel Planning Services
    2. Business and Corporate Travel Management
    3. Meeting Planning
    4. Incentive Travel
    5. Group Travel
    6. Tour and Travel Package Booking Services
    7. Travel and Trip Cancellation Insurance
    8. Pre and post travel arrangements in conjunction with cruises and tour package sales
    9. Access to special discounts or gifts on shoppings or restaurants
    10. 24 hour emergency phone number service


1. THE CONTRACTOR, from now on referred as THE CLIENT, has hired EC TRAVEL as a
intermediary or direct service provider on the activities described on the invoice presented by EC TRAVEL to THE CLIENT for each service. These activities are strictly related to tourism and tourism operation.

2. EC TRAVEL is responsible for providing services that comprise air transportation, ground transportation, lodging and accommodation, tour guides, meals, scuba diving instruction and other services that the company provides, according to the service hired by THE CLIENT. These items are clearly stipulated on the service invoice.

3. THE CLIENT is responsible for informing EC TRAVEL on any particular needs that he may require, as of physical disabilities, dietary requirements or any other special care needed. EC TRAVEL is not responsible, if by failing to receive this information,
handles the operation as a standard operation which results in any disconformities by THE CLIENT. If THE CLIENT does inform about special care or needs, EC TRAVEL commits for handling such request with professionalism, ethics and confidentiality (if required). This special care may result in a special surcharge if the disability or request transcends EC TRAVEL’s logistic capacity or requires any special costs to the operation.

4. EC TRAVEL will state all items included on each hired service as concerns with air transportation, ground transportation, lodging and accommodation, tour guides, meals, scuba diving instruction and other services that the company provides. Also, EC TRAVEL is obliged to inform THE CLIENT on a separate list the items not included on their services. THERE WILL BE NO HIDDEN OR UNEXPECTED COSTS FOR THE CLIENT. If by failure to detail or mistake, EC TRAVEL finds an extra cost that was not informed to the customer, EC TRAVEL will cover this difference from its own funds. With the exception of variable AIR TKT rates, hotel rates and other. Services outside of EC
TRAVEL are subject to change without notice. Personal expenses, tips or any other non-related expense is not included on any of EC TRAVEL’s services.

5. EC TRAVEL is responsible for all ground operation during tours, it is not responsible, however, for the hotel operation, service or any other service that comes from a THIRD PARTY. EC TRAVEL will however, always account for THE CLIENT and his best
interest regarding a complaint or any issue that may arise. The tour leader is a quality checker during the whole tour and will abide and help THE CLIENT in case any problem occurs.


1. Cancellations have to be written and informed to EC TRAVEL.

2. In case of a refund, THE CLIENT will assume all costs of transfers and other financial costs.

3. Tours and services are priced accordingly to the number of PAX hired by THE CLIENT. If by any circumstance one or more PAXs from a designated group should cancel, EC TRAVEL reserves the right to change the pricing accordingly. If this results in the cancellation of the service, EC TRAVEL will charge a fee of 50% of the service cancelled if the cancellation is made at least 30 days prior to departure. If made after 30 days no refund will be made.

4. If the Cancellation is made 45 days prior to departure, EC TRAVEL will charge a fee of 25% of the service cancelled.

5. If the cancellation is made 30 days prior to departure, EC TRAVEL will charge a fee of 50% of the service cancelled.

6. If the cancellation is made less than 30 days prior to departure, EC TRAVEL will not refund any part of the service cancelled.

7. In the best interest of the customer, EC TRAVEL will carefully review a cancellation if made by unforeseeable circumstances like death, accidents or other. A refund will be evaluated by the GENERAL MANAGER. However, proof of such circumstance should be sent to EC TRAVEL offices in order to apply for a special refund. In these cases, EC TRAVEL reserves the right to decide on a special refund or apply the normal refund rate according to the administrative costs involved until the date of cancellation.

8. Under no circumstances will there be a refund after the service has been delivered.

9. EC TRAVEL is legally obliged to provide the services hired by THE CLIENT. If any cancellation from an EC TRAVEL provider arises, EC TRAVEL will provide an equal or higher priced service as a compensation for such cancellation.

For payment we have the following options:


This can be paid directly via PAYPAL to our account, the associated email is

Or you can also do a wire transfer to our bank account in the States, this easier and faster for both our parties, as you can do it directly on your bank and it takes less time to wire transfer it to Ecuador.


Below you can find our account information:


 Name: Rafael D Espinoza Kim

 Account Number: 1015447520002

Account type: Checking Account

 Routing Number: 226078609



If you want to do a check deposit,

 Send the check to

UNFCU, Court Square Place, 2401 44th Rd. Long Island City NY 11101-4605.

 On the back, you have to indicate "For deposit only, Rafael D Espinoza Kim, Account number: 1015447520002".

 As soon as your deposits clear, we will send you an group deposit confirmation by email or by fax.  When we get the full deposit we will send you the final and official bill, services vouchers and other documents by fax, email or mail, which ever you prefer.

We offer:
- Group Discounts
- Family Specials
- Gay and Lesbian Specials
- Las minute trips
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